produzione_carni_bovineMeloncelli Carni S.r.l. is a butchery and meat preparation company. The main activities of the company are:

i2_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateBoning/butchering and selling beef and pork.
i2_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateProduction and sale of prepared meats.
i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateMeat butchering and packaging in consumer sales units.
i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateMarketing meat, meat preparations, products based on meat and offal.
i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateFreezing of meat (butchered on site or as is).


carni_fresche_congelateThe company relies on the activities of a team of 20 employees which includes butchers, shop assistants, delivery personnel, drivers and office workers. The factory extends over a surface area of 1200 m2, with an adjacent area of 2300m2 for parking and manoeuvring trucks. Laboratories and cells are located in the basement and the offices on the first floor.


lavorazione_commercio_carniThe building includes, among others:

i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateA butcher’s room, which has a production capacity of around 15,000 kg a day.
i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateA room for the production of meat-based preparations.
i2_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateA cold room for meat on the bone.
i2_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateSeven cells for fresh and frozen packaged meat.
i2_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateA reception room for raw materials.
i1_produzione_lavorazione_commercio_carni_bovine_fresche_congelateA dispatch room for finished products.